Boiler Kettling – What Is It And How Do I Stop It?

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Ever heard of boiler kettling before? Those bangs and whistles coming from the boiler that may be giving you cause for concern.

More often than not, your boiler will operate just fine. But when it doesn’t, there needs to be a diagnosis so that this can be fixed. One of the problems that a plumber may diagnose is kettling in a boiler.

There are many noises your boiler can make through the year. Whistles, rumbles, pops and even bangs. Differentiating what are normal, almost healthy, sounds for your boiler to make and what is boiler kettling can save you the cost of shelling out for a plumber.

In this article we can give you the full breakdown of what boiler kettling is, what causes it and the most common methods for fixing a kettling boiler.

What Is Boiler Kettling?

The first question you inevitably have is what is boiler kettling?

Put simply, boiler kettling is where your boiler begins to make horrible noises that go beyond the odd noise that you may occasionally be able to hear from a fully functioning boiler.

It is often described as sounding like an old fashioned boiling kettle, with whistles, rumbles. This noise can also be extended to your boiler producing a banging or clunking sound.

But a good rule of thumb is that your boiler should be seen but not heard!

What Causes Your Boiler To Make These Noises?

There are a number of different factors that can contribute to the sounds a boiler can make. Below are some of the reasons for your boiler kettling.

Leak In Your Boiler System

Often this is one of the more common causes of boiler kettling. Leaks can be caused by many different problems, from faulty pipework to general wear and tear. Leaks can often act as an early warning sign, where you should call out an experienced plumber to fix this issue before it gets any worse.

Limescale Build Up

As time goes on limescale can begin to form in your boiler pipes, particularly in the heat exchanger. This build up of limescale will restrict the waterflow in your pipes and contribute to the kettling sound. The limescale is caused by minerals in the water forming together over time. Some areas of the UK are more susceptible to this than others and are referred to as hard water areas. You can search to see if you live in one of these areas here.

Noises From An Overheating Boilers

Kettling can also be a sign that your boiler is overheating. When your boiler overheats they often produce very loud noises and can be caused by anything from your boiler being too old, to simply needing your thermostat readjusted. You can perhaps fix the later yourself, but if your boiler is too old you will need an experienced plumber to install a new boiler. Check here for a free quote.

Other Causes of Boiler Kettling

  • Boiler Thermostat Problems
  • Damaged Pump
  • Sludge Build Up

How Is Boiler Kettling Fixed?

Worried that this is happening to your boiler, don’t worry too much. There are some really simple solutions that either you or an experienced plumber can apply. Read below for some boiler kettling fixes:

Fixing The Leak In Your Boiler System

Ensuring that the leak in your system is properly repaired will keep air from entering your system and hence halt the noise. This is a job that should really be undertaken by a qualified plumber or heating engineer. The leaks can be found directly under the boiler, on external pipes or even on radiators. But it is vital that the cause of the leak is diagnosed to help prevent future kettling of your boiler. For example, issues with boiler pressure may need further investigation once the initial leak has been remedied.

Clean Your Heat Exchanger

Another fix that can be done is to look at your heat exchanger. If you notice there is a build up of limescale you can give it a scrub to try and remove some of it as best you can. If the limescale is particularly stubborn to remove, a replacement heat exchanger may be the more cost effective and sensible option. Discuss this with an experienced plumber as they will be able to give you the most appropriate advice.

Have A Powerflush, Chemical Clean Or Magnaclean

Occasionally it may be recommended that either a powerflush or chemical clean be performed on your property. This will involve flushing something through your system and has great results for fixing your boiler kettling problem. Doing this will either corrode away the debris in your heating units or flush it out entirely. Typically the price for this varies but it is a very effective solution that may be considered. You can also ask your plumber about a magnaclean, which may offer a more long term solution once installed.

Replace Your Boiler With A New One

<p>If your boiler is over 10 years old and repeatedly has kettling issues, then it may be time to have a new boiler installed in your home. We know it is a hefty outlay, but in the long run it can often save you money.</p>

<p>The older a boiler gets the more expensive the parts are to replace, leaving your further out of pocket. Replacing your boiler may be the only viable and most practical boiler kettling solution. Read our previous post for tips when choosing the best boiler for your property.</p>

To Conclude..

Hopefully we have broadened your knowledge as to what contributes to the sounds your boiler makes and how to offer some possible solutions to halt your boiler from making the noises.

It is always best to have a fully trained and qualified expert to diagnose your boiler kettling issues without looking into it yourself.

If you require assistance in Essex for a boiler kettling problem, do not hesitate to give Into Plumbing and Heating a call today on 0800 188 4864.