Choosing The Best Boiler For Your Property

boiler installation

Installing a new boiler in your home is not something you do every day. This is a big step, and you should take it while keeping several factors in mind, such as the size of your home, the fuel available to you, your current boiler, and the types of boilers that suit your home. With so many options available today, figuring out the one right for your home becomes a bit complex. With these tips and guidelines, you can get a better idea about which boiler is best for your house and make an informed decision.

Conventional boilers

A conventional boiler heats the water and stores it for hours in a dedicated tank. It can warm and store gallons of water at a time.

The conventional boiler is ideal for bigger homes with several bathrooms and multiple radiators. Still, you need to keep in mind that the tank can take up a large chunk of space.


Combination boilers are the top choice in the UK. Mostly known as combi-boilers, they work by producing hot water directly from the mains when needed without being connected to a storage tank. These boilers save you from needing an additional shower pump, and their installation and servicing are also easier.

This boiler is ideal for smaller homes as all of its components are contained within one unit, and hence, it doesn’t take up much space.

System boilers

This one is similar to the combi-boiler since its main components are contained in one unit. System boilers work by sending hot water directly to a storage cylinder and radiators in your home.

If your home has more than one bathroom or if your requirement for hot water is more than what a combi-boiler can provide, then this is the one for you.

Factors to Consider

Are you connected to the UK’s gas network?

You must look at this factor first when choosing the right boiler. Most houses in the UK have a gas boiler and a gas heating system. However, this does not include all of them. An estimated 4.3 million households are not connected to the UK’s gas network. In such cases, an oil-powered central heating system could be an excellent alternative for heating up your home.

Available Space

The size of your home and the space available in it are major factors to consider when deciding the kind of boiler that’s perfect for you. Smaller houses may have limited storage space, and therefore, keeping a separate hot water tank can be almost impossible. Thus, a combi-boiler is ideal for a relatively smaller house.

Existing system

When looking into buying a new boiler, you should consider whether or not you would like to keep the same system like the one already present in your home. Generally speaking, keeping cost and practicality in mind, using a model with the same system may fare better. However, in some circumstances, shifting to another system may be the better choice. For example, if your family is expanding and you need more hot water, then a system boiler or conventional boiler could be a better choice.

Hot water

The amount of hot water you use or will continue to use is directly related to the kind of boiler you should buy. If you demand more hot water than usual or have more than one bathroom that is likely to be in use at the same time, then a system boiler seems like the right choice for you.

Choosing the right size

After you have decided on the type of boiler you want to buy, you need to choose the boiler’s size. Pick one that has the capacity to meet your home’s hot water demands. For example, a two-bedroom house will require a smaller boiler than a five-bedroom house

Size of property

Besides providing you with hot water, your boiler is also likely to be the main source of heating for your home. Therefore, you must choose a boiler that is big enough to provide adequate heat for your entire home.

If you’re getting a conventional or system boiler for your home, avoid choosing one that may be too large. It will lead you to have a costly energy bill and a waste of gas and electricity. In the case of combi-boilers, the hot water demand determines the boiler size.

Heat loss

If most of the heat produced by the boilers is getting out of your home, there’s no point in investing in an efficient boiler and heating system. It will only waste energy and cause you a costly bill.

To prevent this, you should calculate how much heat your house is losing before buying a boiler. This calculation can be made by taking into account the room’s surface area, the number of radiators, doors, and windows, and the quality of insulation in your home. You may not be able to calculate this yourself; however, an expert can calculate the amount of heat your house will lose on the coldest day of the year. This information will help you decide on the most suitable boiler size for your home. 

One mistake you should never make is to get a bigger boiler to make up for heat loss. Previously, it was normal to choose a boiler that was bigger than needed. However, with technology being where it is today, this is no longer the norm. Doing so will cause energy wastage and cost you a hefty amount.

Choosing the best boiler for your house is indeed dependent on many factors, including the size of your house and the amount of hot water that you require. You should consider these factors when finding a suitable boiler for your home.