Plumbing Tips For Homeowners

Plumbing Tips

Being a homeowner, it is always handy to read up on plumbing tips for your property. 

The last thing you want is to be caught in the middle of a burst pipe, see the water gushing out of the ceiling and have no clue what you should do next. 

But take a deep breath. Even if you know nothing now, read this article and we will equip you with the basics that you need to ensure that you can both avoid and deal with a plumbing problem.

So here are the most important plumbing tips for homeowners!

Plumbing Maintenance Tips to Prevent Problems

The first tips should all be based around regular plumbing maintenance that can help you avoid having problems in your home.

  • Be careful what you flush down the toilet. We will discuss this later in the article, but ensure that wipes and other sanitary products are not flushed down the toilet.
  • Unclog hair from shower drain. Doing this regularly will ensure that you keep on top of anything that can clog your drain over time. This keeps your drains flowing!
  • Check all exposed pipes for any leaks. Looking out for water stains on the wall can alert you to any leaks. You can also install drip trays under water heaters or washing machines for example. These can help to minimise damage from any leaks.

Know Where Your Stopcock Is

The stopcock in your home plays a very important role. Sometimes referred to as a stop valve or a stop tap, it is the point in your home where you can turn off the water supply to your home or business (find out more here). Each property has two, one inside and the other located externally.

You should learn the locations of these for cases of emergencies! If a pipe bursts in your room and your home begins to flood, knowing where the stopcock is quickly can help to minimise the damage that can occur. 

It is usually located under the kitchen sink or in the airing cupboard of your home and is easy to operate. Simply turn the valve in a clockwise fashion to halt the water supply on your home.

If you notice a problem with the stopcock, make sure to contact an experienced plumber to fix the problem.

Don’t Ignore Leaks

You would be astonished how much water you can lose from a dripping faucet. According to Essex & Suffolk Water leaking toilets can lose you around £200 a year!

There are a few things you can look out for, that likely mean a leak is occurring on your property:

  • Check the water usage for any big increases. You can ask your water company to send monthly statements for you to run your eye over.
  • Drops in water pressure when running a bath or show can indicate a leak. 
  • You can check water pressure by turning off all fixtures, before turning one back on. If there is an increase in pressure then there is likely a leak somewhere along the line.
  • Waterlogged areas in you garden can show a leaking pipe underground. This can often make the ground around the leak sodden and loose.
  • If your boiler is constantly running it could also indicate a leak, which is something all homeowners should keep an eye on.

Take Care Of Your Toilet

Your toilet likely gets multiple daily uses, so deserves some TLC. Every homeowner should know how to take care of the toilet. From what can and can’t be flushed down it, to ensuring you spot signs of a problem early.

For flushing, only toilet paper. Never flush down wipes, paper towels or cotton swabs. These will lead to blockages and may result in you needing to call a plumber (and they will only tell you off for flushing these!). Investing in a plunger is wise, as eventually a minor clog will take place, and this is a handy DIY fix to a blockage problem.

Spotting a toilet problem can be tricky, but there are a few tips we can give you. If the toilet is running constantly it is a telltale sign that there are one or more components that are not functioning properly. To check for a leak you can add food colouring to the water tank. Wait 30 minutes and then check the toilet bowl. If you can see any colour then you know there is a leak and you can consider the next steps to fixing this issue!

Have Emergency Numbers Handy

Unless you are a fully qualified and experienced plumber it is very handy to have a plumbers number saved in your phone.

At Into Plumbing And Heating we operate throughout Essex for a wide variety of plumbing and heating works. Highly experienced professionals who would be ideal to have on speed dial if you live in the Essex area.

Not all plumbing problems have a DIY solution, and it is important to know the limitations of your abilities. Which brings us to our next plumbing tip for homeowners…

If You Are Unsure – Leave It To The Experts

Sometimes stubbornness can get in the way. We all want to avoid needing to shell out money for a professional if there is a DIY alternative that can save you money.

The fact of the matter is however, that you should know your limitations. Messing around with pipes or boilers that you don’t really have the experience dealing with, can lead to bigger problems. In turn this can lead to you paying a bigger cost than you originally would have if you called a plumber to start with.

Swallowing your pride and knowing when to call in an experienced plumber is the most important tip we can give you!


So there you have it, you have some knowledge in your arsenal. You know what not to do, what to check for, and when to know you are out of your depth. 

If you require any plumbing works in Essex, or want to add us to your speed dial for cases of plumbing emergencies, our number is 0800 188 4864.